Product – 어묵탕


Finest fish meat
BABA Fishcake soup


Fish cake made by
a 30-year-old master

It contains the traditional taste of
Busan that has been preserved so far


Guaranteed quality
with AA grade fish meat

The secret to the delicious taste of rice that Allgot is proud of,
is plenty of sesame seeds and plenty of sesame oil.


The savory aroma
of katsuobushi

We use liquid sauce that melts faster than powder
form to make cooking more enjoyable and confident.


Simple recipe
completed in 5 minutes

If you add the enclosed Kasobushi fishcake soup
broth and cook it, the dish is completed in 5 minutes.


BABA Fishcake Soup

Baba fishcake soup made by a fish cake master with
30 years of experience boasts excellent taste and
texture using the highest quality fish meat.

(1 Serving / Fish cake 200g, Source 30g)

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